Is Roll-em-up Taquitos halal?

Chicken, Mexican & Latin

Roll-em-up Taquitos is a multi-state franchise chain HQ-ed in Riverside CA, specializing in (as you may have guessed) taquitos. While most locations are not halal, the new location opening at the Irvine Spectrum Mall will have halal beef and chicken, as per the franchisee’s request:

Roll Em Up, the taquito-centric fast food chain headquartered in Riverside, is opening its newest location today, July 6 at the Irvine Spectrum. This is the company’s 14th restaurant, but its first to serve halal-certified options — specifically, citrus-marinated chicken or braised shredded beef.

“This was a request by our Irvine franchise owner,” says Roll Em Up CEO Sam Fonseca. “We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to try our taquitos. If we make adjustments by making some of our menu halal, then we can invite new customers into our restaurants.”

That’s a great attitude and a smart move by the franchise from a marketing perspective. So head over to the Spectrum and get your taquitos on!