Pavilions Supermarket in Los Angeles


Pavilions Supermarkets carry a line of halal ground beef, ground lamb, and steaks at most of their locations. There are two brands, Open Nature and O Organics, both of which advertise as grass-fed, no antibiotics “ever”, and no hormones (in practice, this actually means no added antibiotics or hormones). The items in stock all had a prominent halal seal on the reverse of the packaging. Sometimes the seal on a package is obscured by secondary layers of stickers. Pavilions is part of the same Albertson’s family of supermarkets that includes Safeway, Randall’s, Vons, Jewel/Osco, and others, all of which are likely to carry one or both of these in-store brands.

Open Nature products:

  • 85% lean ground lamb
  • 85% lean Angus burger patties
  • 93% lean Angus ground beef
  • 85% lean Angus ground beef
  • Angus top sirloin steak
  • Angus New York loin strip steak
  • Angus ribeye steak
  • Angus boneless chuck roast

Organics products:

  • 85% lean ground beef
  • Ribeye steak