Skewers Halal in Chatsworth

Middle Eastern

Skewers Halal is run by the same owner as Raz’s Italian in West Hills. Their chicken and rice is as at least as good – and arguably better – than Halal Guys, and their halal pizza is great Saturday night dinner solution. The menu also has other great Afghani dishes like chapli kabaob and bolani bread.

They are also experimenting with other dishes, like the new Nashville-style chicken sandwich. Unlike other “Nashville” style chicken sandwiches, this uses hamburger buns, and is not a chicken tender, but rather a chicken breast that has been lightly breaded and fried. The batter is spiced but not spicy. Therefore, it isn’t really a direct analogue to the other types you find elsewhere, but stands on its own as a great, tasty sandwich that is a lot easier to obtain and cheaper to boot. It’s worth asking to skip the cheese however.

The owner, Raz, is always behind the counter and eager to make sure you leave happy.

Skewers’ take on the Nashville-style chicken sandwich



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