Is Shake Shack halal?

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Shake Shack is one of the most popular franchise burger chains in the world. There have been numerous sources that have stated that Shake Shack uses Creekstone beef. Unfortunately, Creekstone is not the sole supplier of beef to Shake Shack in the US, so there is no guarantee that your burger at Shake Shack is actually halal. Here’s the official response from the corporate Twitter account to multiple inquiries from Muslim foodies:

Saqib Shafi of the famed MuslimEater blog also has a couple of articles about Shake Shack, which includes direct emails from the company saying much the same thing. These articles are no longer available on, but we have provided Internet Archive links and PDF copies below for posterity.

  • Shake Shack Is Not Halal in the US, But Some Day Could It Be? (9 November 2014, Saqib Shafi) | Link | PDF
  • Shake Shack Says They Are Not Halal In Chicago Or The US, Here’s Why They Need To Be (26 December 2014, Saqib Shafi) | Link | PDF
HiHo Double Cheeseburger

HiHo Cheeseburger in Santa Monica, CA


HiHo’s claim to fame is 100% Wagyu, grass-fed beef. Due to the smaller patty, the burgers are only available as doubles or triples, served alongside twice-fried french fries, house-made desserts, and craft sodas and milkshakes. The burgers are intensely flavorful, and come in two varieties, a “classic” with just beef, cheese, and ketchup, and a “HiHo” with house-made sweet pickles and onion jam. Burgers can be customized as desired and also have a “make it spicy” option which adds a pleasant, restrained kick.

The double burger is somewhat small, but the triple is an overly dense stack of meat and cheese that may not appeal to everyone. Recommended to get a second double if you are still craving after your first. The fries are sized for sharing. There are no combos on the menu, everything is a la carte.

The Santa Monica location is conveniently located across from a parking garage and one block from the 3rd Street Promenade. Seating is limited but turnover is fairly high.





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