Matū Steakhouse in Beverly Hills serves First Light halal beef


Matū is a steakhouse in Beverly Hills that exclusively serves First Light beef – the same halal beef used by HiHo burgers. They are now introducing a new Wagyu Philly Cheesesteak for lunch which sounds amazing:

Beginning Wednesday, November 9, Beverly Hills’ Wagyu restaurant Matu will finally be open for lunch. The lunch menu features just a single dish: Wagyu Philly cheesesteak with freshly fried potato chips.

In September, Matu did a trial run of this new lunch cheesesteak. The sandwich is made with grass-fed Wagyu from First Light Farms, melted Cooper Sharp Cheese, grilled onions, and roasted hot pepper on a bun baked in the kitchen. If walking into Matu during the early dinnertime hours, the cheesesteak is also available at the bar from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Starting Wednesday, Matu’s lunch is available for dine-in at the bar, or for pick-up via Postmates, with delivery available soon.

Of course, it’s well worth going here for the steak, too. Matu features an Omakase-style experience for dinner diners:

Matū is a Māori (Indigenous New Zealand) word that means “essence, the gist of the matter, richness” and is pronounced ‘mah-too’ (equal emphasis on both syllables and an elongated “u” at the end).

In a nod to Wagyu’s Japanese lineage, Matū offers a series of composed dinners that could be considered steak Omakase, with menus that showcase various cuts of beef in a variety of preparation methods.

While many guests choose one of our Wagyu Steak Dinners, many guests also simply order from our la carte menu.

From their Instagram page